Friday, January 20, 2012


From the sudden influx of emails from various colleges telling me how brilliant I am and how much they would like to have me at their school... I think it's safe to assume that PSAT scores have now been made available to schools.

I've been getting tons of emails from colleges recently. It's my junior year, so I've been looking at lots of schools. And, because I'm incredibly indecisive, I chose to "request more information" from at least 40 different schools. So, yeah. I've been getting lots of emails. And lots of mail.

( this pile is four inches off the table, just in case you can't tell... )

I regret the decision to look into so many schools...

Anyway, in the past week-ish, the number of emails has increased by a ridiculous amount. I'm surprised when I don't receive at least one email per hour. It's awful. And I wish they'd all stop spamming me.

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