Monday, January 2, 2012


If you know me, then you know that I'm pretty confident. I've got quite the ego. I often say that it's only a "half-joking ego" because I'm not actually a big self-centered jerk. I promise. I'm just confident. I have no trouble admitting when someone else has done better than me. I may joke around a bit, but I have no problem admitting my flaws. However, I definitely am confident.

There's something really beautiful about not caring what others think of you. About not worrying about being judged. I must have been born that way. I've never payed any attention to others' opinions of me. Well that's not quite right; I was often aware of their opinions, I just never let them affect me. I have no negative memories of social interaction from my entire grade school and middle school life. As I've heard others complain about how awful people were back then, I guess that means that it did happen. I just didn't care about it; I didn't listen for it as so many other people tend to do, and if I happened to hear something, I simply didn't care. 

Sometimes I wish that everyone had my confidence.

I feel like people often search out for what other people are saying about them. It's like they want to hear all of those negative things. Why would you do that? That's stupid. You shouldn't be listening for the negative thing other people are going to say. Let's face it. They're going to say those things. But who cares? Opinions like that don't matter. Why be searching for something that is actually insignificant? All that truly matters is what you think of yourself and that you are happy with who you are. Life's so much more enjoyable when it doesn't matter what other people think of you.

God loves you as is. I love you as is. And you should too.  

UPDATE: I edited this post to avoid offending any potential viewers when I posted links to my blog on facebook. . . so , yeah. 


  1. Just want to point out that confidence is not the same as self-love. I don't disagree with this post at all (I voted it "yes") about the whole confidence thing - your sister really could use some of your confidence. However, in my mind, loving yourself is something totally different and can lead to arrogance. That probably isn't true for some people, but it is for me. I just wanted to distinguish between the two. Good post though :)

  2. i agree that they are indeed different , but i'd argue that you have to love yourself to some degree to be confident . :)