Thursday, December 29, 2011


( oh, and the pants match )

walking to helene's.

in my penguin pajamas.



... i just #thisisn'ttwitter -ed my own hashtag ...

                   . . . #likeaboss              


guess what i'm doing right now .






did you guess ?

WRONG ! ! !

or maybe

RIGHT ! ! !

because i actually have no idea what you guessed . . .
we're running on the honor system here .

well . . . if you got it right YAY! \(^-^)/ ;
if not , you obviously don't know me very well . . . i'm judging you so hard right now (¬_¬) .

oh , i never gave you the answer ? oh , well , i'm procrastinating .


you know , i guess it really doesn't make much sense to procrastinate from writing by writing . . . oh well .

so . . .

maybe i should actually say something meaningful . . . .


guacamole .

yeah , i really don't have anything to say . but if i think of something i'll be sure to tell you .


i'm sure you all enjoyed this very well-thought-out and beautiful post.

you're welcome .


( also , i apologize for not posting anything in a while . . . i know you must have missed me muchly .
hopefully i'll actually maybe perhaps be writing stuff soonish . . . but we all know what happened the last time i said that . . . )

Monday, July 25, 2011

Series to Come

So, I haven't really posted anything in a while. . . I can't say I'm surprised. It's to be expected with me I suppose. . . 

Anyway, I think I'm actually go to write something! YAY!

You may have found yourself asking at times "how does this girl have any friends??". It's okay . I wonder sometimes too. But luckily there are people in this world willing to accept and eventually embrace my various flaws and quirks. And I'm thankful each and every day for all of them. :)

So, I'm going to be writing for you all a series. Each post will be about one of these very special people. 

By the end, a lot of questions may be answered. Or it could just create lots of new questions. . . who knows. I guess we'll just have to find out. 

So I guess just be looking out for me to post something. 

oh, and if by the end i don't write a post about you, it's because I hate you.
lol jk. i just don't love you enough to write about you. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I think on a scale of...

So, I totally stole this from my friend Emmie:
Nyesh Nyesh Indeed: I Think on a Scale from -1 to Cat

When I saw that post from her, I loved it. It also, however, made me realize that my own spectrum of thought made about as much sense as hers did.

So, I've decided to make for you all, my own rating system.

Anything to the left of "6", would be similar to a normal person's negative numbers. Anything to the right of "6", would be similar to positive numbers.
... I've got mixed feelings about the number 6...
I don't trust it.

I have been known to answer the question "How was your day?", with "yummy".


So, um. I must move around a lot when i sleep...

Monday, March 28, 2011

A True Story:

So, um.
In the car.
Emmie and I were sitting there talking as we usually do on the car ride home (mostly nonsense of course).
And suddenly.
I had a panic attack.

Because I felt that I had forgotten my ears.
So I checked.
And they were still there.
I sighed, relieved.

And Emmie looked at me like I was nuts.
(A look that I'm quite used to.)

I explained to her matter-of-factly:
"I thought that I had forgotten my ears.
But it's okay.
Because I didn't."
I then pointed to my ears.

Emmie continued to look at me.
In a sort of worried way.

It took me a minute to realize that none of what I had just said had made any sense at all.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Llamacorn

I created something today. I think it's pretty brilliant.

It is... 

Pretty awesome. I know. 

So, how did this magnificent creature come to be?

Well, on the way to school today, we hit a lot of traffic (which then caused us to be late... but anyway). As we were sitting there. Crawling along the highway, Maddie was just talking away. She was telling Emmie and I about her dream car. Her description went something like this: 
It's a GIANT 6 wheeled pristine white truck. On the side where an ad would usually go, there will be a huge mural of llamas and butterflies [naturally, because everyone knows that llamas and butterflies are in a symbiotic relationship]. The interior has to be REALLY BRIGHT white. And the wheels are "all big and manly".
She then paused for a minute. Somehow, this description did not satisfy her. The llamas and butterflies simply weren't enough. Finally, she added: 
"And I have to have a pet llamacorn riding with his head out the window and his tongue flapping in the wind." 
At that moment, I felt as though my soul had just exploded. 
(because my soul is actually made of rainbow confetti)

This was the most brilliant thing I had ever heard. 

I immediately pulled out my sketchbook and created the llamacorn.

(yeah. I know its the same picture)

So, you may now be wondering what exactly this creature would be like. Well, I'm here to explain that to you as well. 

The Llamacorn
( pronounced: yä'   mə   kôrn )

While llamacorns are very versatile creatures, and would be able to withstand nearly any environment, their only natural habitat is a small, remote island in South America. 

As for their diet, the llamacorn will eat pretty much anything available to it. 

Llamacorns are ... they ... well ... their minds are very ... innocent. 
... okay. they're dumber than rocks. 

I believe that their personality is capture very well by my original drawing's facial expression. There is little variation in facial expression between the different emotions of the llamacorn (though it can truly only comprehend a few emotions anyway).

Llamacorns can make great household pets. You cat even teach a llamacorn tricks!

Though try not to overestimate your llamacorn's ability to perform more complex tricks. It could be hazardous to their frail little minds. 
                            "did i win?"

The llamacorn's simple-minded nature causes it to be a peaceful, kind creature. There isn't a mean bone in its body. While it may not be very good at showing its emotions and feelings, be assured that deep down the llamacorn loves you too. 


A special thanks to Maddie. You're a genius. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Opening Statement

Hello everyone. If your reading this, I assume you already know me. So, yeah.

I'm pretty much normal. Well, okay... not really. I'm far from normal. Very far. Which you should soon realize if I actually stick to this blog and remember to post to it. Due to the un-normalness of my life, I often stumble across humorous things, whether its something my incredibly brilliant friends says, or something they do, or perhaps something a teacher says, and occasionally I myself may even say something smart and/or witty. So that's what I plan on putting in here.

Well you're in for a treat . :)