Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I think on a scale of...

So, I totally stole this from my friend Emmie:
Nyesh Nyesh Indeed: I Think on a Scale from -1 to Cat

When I saw that post from her, I loved it. It also, however, made me realize that my own spectrum of thought made about as much sense as hers did.

So, I've decided to make for you all, my own rating system.

Anything to the left of "6", would be similar to a normal person's negative numbers. Anything to the right of "6", would be similar to positive numbers.
... I've got mixed feelings about the number 6...
I don't trust it.

I have been known to answer the question "How was your day?", with "yummy".


  1. Even though you did steal this (and the nonsensical reactions) from me, I love it. 'Cept for the placement of the cat. I think "Emmie" needs to be on there to the right of "Thunderstorms."

  2. i considered putting you on there for a minute...

  3. i also considered putting
    "when emmie tells me stories"