Monday, January 2, 2012

january 2nd breach

There's nothing quite like seeing a 35 ton whale propel itself out of water.

it's so amazing, in fact, that it's pretty much the only thing i didn't get a picture of that week.
this is as close as got :

it's not even the first time i've seen a whale breach .
it's just so spectacular that no matter how many times you see it happen , it's like getting slapped in the face when you see it. in the best possible way you can get slapped in the face . it truly truly truly is amazing .

since i couldn't provide you with a very good picture , here are some from teh interwebs . enjoy . :)

 also , i decided not to smallify any of the pictures . have fun waiting for them to load .
\(◕ ‿ ◕。)/
trolololololol . . .

i did smallify the pictures. it made the layout look silly because they were huge . . . . but i did it for me . . . not for you . . .

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