Sunday, January 1, 2012

the blog challenge

hey guys .

so , i recently accepted a challenge from a friend ( ) . the challenge was to -- you know what , he explained it better :

The Blog Challenge 
January 2012
Attention Fellow Bloggeez,
If you are receiving this message, you can assume two things.
  1. I know you.
  2. You have a blog.
The reason I have you sent you this message is because I am holding my second Blog Challenge. "What is this blog challenge that you speak of?"
I'm glad that you asked!
"The Challenge is a semi-yearly held event held by yours truly. It is a friendly competition between a group of volunteers to attempt to write a post every day for an entire month. I came up with this idea as a way to keep myself writing and to get others to write with me too. The rules are simple: post every single day. There is no word floor, no requirements, just a post every day. Last year my posts varied from one picture to an entire essay. If you interested just let me know via email, comments etc.
The last competition held took place in June."
Assuming you've read that huge block of text you've probably guessed the intent of this email. I want you to join me in my quest to get more people to write! Invite your friends, your family, your cats and dogs, perhaps even your local hobo.

In any case, I'd love to have you all join me in attempting to write a blog regularly.

Long live pudding,

( yeah, stevie's a pretty cool dude . . . i guess . . . )

and , well . . . i have trouble not responding to challenges with " challenge accepted " . so . . . here i am . 

i'm going to be posting every day this month . . . . 

( i'm too lazy to even rotate this picture . how am i going to write a blog post every day ?! )
oh god . what have i gotten myself into ?

and then i was like 

you see, stevie never said i had to write a post ever day
and blogger allows you to schedule postings . . . 
( this is comparable to my own trollface . )
( in case you weren't aware . . . )

so , i've scheduled a picture from my summer voyage to whale camp to appear on my blog every day for the next month . this way, when i forget to post something  in the incredibly likely unlikely chance that i happen to forget to post something, i still will ! YAY ! 

no , but i mean the pictures are pretty cool . you may actually enjoy seeing those too . :) 

your'e welcome . 

. . . 

oh ! and happy new years everyone ! 


  1. o_O Youuuu sneakkkkyyy moooommmm!

  2. i . . . i . . . i can't even think of an adequate response to that . (^_^)

    this is all i've got :