Sunday, September 9, 2012

Well Blogosphere...

Well blogosphere...
I've failed you.

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me. I started by doing chores at home, then running over to my grandparents' to clean their house. Then I had to quickly go back home when the adopting family came to pick up the dog we were fostering. Then I had to do more chores. And that was all before noon.

So then I went to see a free Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION concert (s'okay to be jealous) with some friends. And then I went to dinner for a friend's birthday.
It was all quite lovely.

But I never got a chance to get onto the computer, so... No post yesterday.

In other news, my soul mate Alix (who was one of the friends I went to the concert with last night) and I have decided we're going to perform a song together in the talent show for school this year. So, if you're one of the people who attends my school, you have that to look forward to. :)

I guess that's all for today.