Saturday, September 1, 2012

And so it begins...

Hello world.
I’ve once again accepted the “Blog Challenge”, initiated by my friend Stevie (Platonic Interlude & A Few Brilliant Ideas).
In the past, most of the participating blogs had consisted primarily of writing-type posts. I’ve got a lot of very talented friends, and they seem to have a knack for writing. I, however, do not. In the most recent Challenge, I chose a different path and instead posted pictures each day from my trip to Grand Manan, New Brunswick. That’s a little more my speed.
Anyway, writing isn’t exactly my thing. So what can you expect to see here in this upcoming Blog Challenge? I’m glad you asked.
You can probably expect to see more pictures. Some people considered my past Challenge strategy “cheating”: I had pre-set my blog to upload a few pictures every day, and I wasn’t even really doing any work on my blog, which is the real objective behind this challenge (“to inspire blog owners to consistently write”, but I’m going to alter this for my own purpose and say it’s to inspire blog owners to consistently create). So this time, I’m not going to cheat. There will still be pictures, because photography is something I do that I’m proud of, and it’s still something I feel is worthy of sharing. Now though, I’ll choose my pictures much more selectively, I’ll try harder to explain and describe them, and I’ll try to have more of a purpose behind them.
I’ve been working on an album. As of right now, I’ve got some lyrics written, some music written, some general ideas, and a few “seeds” of ideas. I spent 3 weeks on Grand Manan Island, NB, this summer, and it’s beautiful there, so there was inspiration all around me, and a lot was accomplished.
I love to draw, sketch, paint… blah blah blah. You can expect to see some art work here. Once again, there was a lot of inspiration on Grand Manan, so a lot of the beauty and culture from the island has found its way into my work.
And hey, who knows, maybe I’ll even do some more traditional written blog type stuff here too.
So, an average post to this blog could include any of these things, or any combination of these things, or even something else entirely. Who knows?
But something you can definitely expect from me in this upcoming blog challenge: a Grand Manan theme. It was a magical three weeks, and I expect the effects of the island on me will come through my posts in the upcoming weeks.

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