Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Whistle

So here's a quick sketch I did one morning at The Whistle (a now-abandoned lighthouse on Grand Manan). There's a little wooden platform that I was sitting on. From there you can see the lighthouse, a bit of forest, and, of course, the ocean. This location is also a great point to observe the tides and currents of the Bay of Fundy. You can see the swirling water and the eddies created by the shape of the bay, and location of the island. It's quite cool. Because of this, The Whistle is also a great spot to see whales from the island.

Originally just a quick pencil sketch, then I inked it with a pen when I got back to my dorm. (Sorry, all I had available at the time was lined paper... And then sorry again for my scanner...)

A picture of the Whistle (sorry; it's from a slightly different perspective, but apparently it's the only picture I took of the Whistle...):

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